Molecular and colloid chemical characterization

Aqueous size exclusion chromatography (Aqueous GPC)


  • Polyelectrolytes as well as non-ionic water-soluble polymers and polysaccharides
  • Sample quantity: approx. 10 mg
  • Molar mass range: 102–108 g/mol



  • Eluents: aqueous salt solutions, e.g. with organic coeluents, e.g. 0.2 M Na2SO4+1% HAc
  • Detectors: RI refractometer, UV detector, viscometer, multi-angle light scattering (MALLS)
  • Special features: columetric temperature control, fragment collector



  • Conventional calibration with dextran, pullulan, polyvinylpyridine and polystyrene sulfonic acid
    • Molar mass averages (MW, Mn), polydispersity index D
  • On request, preparation and use of further standards via controlled radical polymerization
  • Universal calibration by viscometry
    • Intrinsic viscosity [ η ], MW, Mn, D
  • Absolute molar mass analysis by means of static light scattering
    • Mass average MW, average gyration radius <Rgz>, Mn, D
  • On demand, combination with further methods of molecular analysis, e. g. 1H-NMR and IR spectroscopy, e. g. for structure determination or for determination of the composition of copolymers



  • Graft copolymerization of cationic monomers onto starch (see PDF)
  • Enzymatic synthesis of high molecular weight inulin (see PDF)
  • Derivatization of starch (see PDF)


Methods of comparison and supplementation

  • Membrane osmometry (Mn)
  • Analytical ultracentrifugation (MZ; D)
  • Static light scattering (MW; RZ; A2)
  • Dynamic light scattering (dH)
  • Differential refractometry (dn/dc)
  • Vapor pressure osmometry (Mn)