Molecular and colloid chemical characterization

Dynamic light scattering (DLS)


  • Polymers, colloids and nanoparticles in solutions (aqueous and organic solutions)
  • Particle sizes (hydrodynamic radius)
  • Size range: 0.1 nm – 3 µm
  • Concentration range: 0.001 – 40 %



  • Delsa Nano +C (Beckman Coulter)
  • Delsa Nano Version 2.31



  • Determination of the diffusion coefficient by dynamic light scattering
  • Mathematical determination of particle sizes by cumulate, contin, Marquardt and NNLS methods
  • Determination of intensity, volume and number distribution functions



  • Determination of the hydrodynamic radius of polymers and polyelectrolytes as dependent on the solvent, electrolyte content and pH value
  • Investigation of symplex formation between cationic starch and anionic polyelectrolytes


Measurement method

  • Studies on symplex formation between cationic starch and anionic polyelectrolytes (see PDF)


Methods of comparison and supplementation

  • Analytical ultracentrifugation
  • Particle size analysis