Thermal analysis

Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)



  • Solids, liquids, solutions, dispersions
  • Sample amount: 6 mg - 10 mg



  • Dynamic scanning calorimeter DSC 7 (PerkinElmer)
  • Temperature range: -150 bis 725 °C
  • Measuring speed: 0,1 bis 100 K/min,
  • Investigations isobar and isochor


Analysis and target

  • Determination of specific heat capacity
  • Determination of enthalpy changes (melting and crystallization points)
  • Determination of glass transition temperatures
  • Installation of phase diagrams
  • Investigation of reaction mechanisms for non-isothermal processes
  • Quality control
  • Measurement of the thermal stability
  • Measurement of viscoelasticity
  • Determination of crystal water
  • Investigation of crystallization kinetics



  • Determination of melting and freezing points for setting optimal process parameters,
    e.g. for the injection molding process for thermoplastics
  • Gelatinization points of aqueous starch products
  • Failure analysis, for example Detection of impurities in materials
  • Determination of crosslinking temperatures, e.g. during crosslinking of epoxy resins