Thermal analysis

Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA)


  • Solids, foils, powders, granules, fibers, test bars, components, or component segments



  • Dynamic mechanical analyzor DMA 2980 (TA Instruments)
  • Temperatur range: -150 - 500 °C
  • Measuring speed: 0,01 - 10 K/min, isotherm
  • Force field: 0 bis 18 N


Analysis and target

  • Measurement of moduli depending on frequency, temperature or time
  • Determination of complex moduli
  • Determination of expansion coefficients
  • Inclusion of master curves
  • Determination of heat resistance



  • Characterization of influence of additives, such as the heat distortion resistance
  • Failure analysis, for example comparison of the module of component segments
  • Characterization of the frequency dependency of memory and loss modulus, for example for the optimization of the manufacturing process of foils and bands