Elementary analysis and functional groups determination

Titrimetric Analysis


  • Liquid and solid samples
  • Corresponding to the analytical problem the sample have to digested before



Titrimetric automates (Metrohm)

  • Titrinos 721 und 736
  • Photometer 668
  • diverse dosing units
  • KF coulometer 756
  • KF oven



  • Aqueous and non-aqueous titrations
  • Neutralization analysis, redox titration, precipitation titration, complexometry
  • Potentiometry, conductometry, amperometry, voltametry



  • Karl Fischer water determination
  • Determination of functional and end groups, e.g. –COOH, OH-number
  • Substituent determination
  • DS determination of cellulose and starch derivatives
  • Determination of Iodine binding capacity of Amylose
  • Turbidimetric titration of Polyelectrolytes