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Spinning line for the production of high-performance fibers

Low weight with high tensile strength: technical high-performance fibers make important contributions in the field of lightweight construction and composite materials. In addition to currently predominantly petroleum-based high-performance fibers, the search for bio-based starting materials (biopolymers) for high-performance fibers is being accelerated.

In the "Fiber Technology" department, we are developing high-strength regenerated cellulosic fibers from wood-based pulp. The production of high-performance fibers usually requires high demands on the chemical resistance of the process-relevant equipment (solution preparation, filtration as well as spinning line). For a better understanding of the process in order to optimize or develop a spinning procedure for high-performance fibers, a scale is also required that allows continuous yarn spinning. We specifically examine the high-performance fibers produced with regard to their processing-structure-property relationships and develop them further.

The equipment for the production of the spinning solutions and the spinning line for their forming are funded with the help of EFRE funds within the framework of the InfraFEI program.

Project Outline:

Project management: 
Dr. André Lehmann, Fraunhofer IAP
Funding/Grant recipient: Fraunhofer IAP
Funding: 408.000 Euro
Duration: 25.01.2018 - 31.12.2020
Funding agency: Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the German Federal State of Brandenburg with financial means provided by the European fund for regional development (EFRE) from the 20 March, 2015.
Funding program: EFRE (InfraFEI): The aim of the programme is to strengthen the competitiveness of the scientific institutions in the German Federal State of Brandenburg by expanding the research and development potential of the scientific institutions and creating efficient scientific infrastructures.