Membranes and
Functional Films

Membranes and
Functional Films

Membranes and
Functional Films

Membranes and Functional Films


The research activities in the Membranes and Functional Films department are oriented towards resource-efficient processes for producing membranes and films. In the case of membranes, this ranges from hollow fibers to flat membranes for gas separation, nanofiltration of organic solvents and fuel cells. The work on films focuses on refining the surfaces of existing systems, for example, by applying functional coatings. The majority of the films are used by end consumers and are subject to a constantly changing, socially defined requirement profile. This includes low contaminant permeation, enhanced biodegradability and the ability to completely empty residual  contents. The development of proteinogenic materials is another key focus of the research carried out in the department.

Our services

Material synthesis

  • functional coating (e. g. antibiotic)
  • proteinogenic films and membranes
  • REACH conformable membrane production


Membrane development

  • application specific optimization (pore size und porosity)
  • production and characterization of thin film composite membranes
  • production and characterization of flat membranes and hollow fibers
  • membranes for batteries, fuel cells, gas and liquid separation
  • measurement of gas permeability of conventional and biological polymers
  • feasibility study


Film development

  • creation of packaging concepts
  • specific synthesis of linker (binding of enzymes on the film surface)
  • linker adjustment to film production
  • material development for improved emptying for complex media



  • machine engineering and modification
  • scale-up
  • process engineering
  • scientific and technical consulting

Our research topics


  • ultrafiltration membranes
  • mixed matrix membranes
  • composite membranes
  • enzymatic active membranes
  • membrane functionalization



  • functionalized films (mono-/polyfunctional)
  • organic preservative films
  • self sterilizing films
  • films for packaging materials
  • improved emptying

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