Polymer Synthesis

Optimizing technical polymer synthesis processes

Based on our costumers’ requirements, we analyze polymer synthesis processes, develop procedural steps and optimize existing synthesis methods. Using our computer-aided reaction calorimetry system RC1, we are able to faithfully reproduce entire processes or single procedural steps on lab scale while measuring, controlling and recording all procedural, scale-up- and safety-related parameters. In addition to following the thermal conversion of reactions by measuring the heat flow rate, we can also follow chemical conversion via in-line ATR-FTIR spectroscopy as well as the development of particle size distribution in heterogeneous systems via online Lasentec® FBRM® measurements. Thus, even such complex systems can be investigated comprehensively.

We transfer developed processes from lab to miniplant scale in our own technical center. In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Pilot Plant Center PAZ in Schkopau, we are also able to engineer processes up to pilot scale. Alongside our process analysis capabilities, we also possess a variety of pressure reactor systems from 1.5 L to 40 L reactor size (pressures up to 60 bar, temperatures up to 300 °C) for scale-up work.