Application Center

Application Center for Innovative Polymer Technologies

In June 2012, the Fraunhofer IAP inaugurated its "Application Center for Innovative Polymer Technologies" in Potsdam-Golm. Here, we deepen and expand our core competencies in the field of synthetic and biobased polymers and functional materials. The latest equipment offers our scientists new possibilities.

Above all, new materials and technologies will be transferred from the laboratory to pilot plant scale. High-tech polymers with special electrical and optical properties, biocompatible materials and renewable plant raw materials are the focus of our research.



The polycarbonate facade of the L-shaped annex – designed by Hascher and Jehle Planungsgesellschaft mbH – makes special reference to its use as a place of polymer research. Covering an area of ​​2,800 square meters,  the extension offers space for new pilot plants, laboratories and offices. Special features of the building include a clean room, a biochemical lab that meets S1 requirements, additional S1 and S2 labs and special dimmed and vibration neutralizing labs for microscopy and laser applications.



The cost of the second stage of expansion amount to 23.3 million euros (construction and initial equipment). 50 percent are being subsidized by the EU Regional Fund EFRE. The state of Brandenburg and the federal government are bearing 25 percent of the costs each.

Our research topics

A pilot plant offers the possibility to develop new technologies for organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and organic solar cells in an industry-oriented scale - on solid and flexible substrates. Furthermore, our researchers develop artificial corneas of the second generation, and make by-products of agriculture such as wheat bran or oat hulls useable for bioplastics.


Key activities at a glance:

  • high-tech polymers with unique physical properties, particularly the development of the technological bases of plastic-based electrical and optical components such as flexible OLED displays, organic solar cells and organic electronics
  • biocompatible materials for implants and other medical applications
  • development of biotechnological processes for the efficient use of renewable resources

Armin Wedel

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Dr. Armin Wedel

Division director | Functional Polymer Systems

Geiselbergstraße 69
14476 Potsdam-Golm

Phone +49 331 568-1910

Joachim Storsberg

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Dr. Joachim Storsberg

Head of department | Biomaterials and Healthcare

Geiselbergstraße 69
14476 Potsdam-Golm

Phone +49 331 568-1321

Alexander Böker

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Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker

Head of department | Functional Protein Systems / Biotechnology

Fraunhofer IAP
Geiselbergstraße 69
14476 Potsdam-Golm

Phone +49 331 568-1112