Technology Platform Microencapsulation TPM

Innovations with microencapsulation

The Technology Platform Microencapsulation connects R&D institutions and industry partners who are active in the field of microencapsulation.The network project, founded in 2009, is dedicated to new applications for the encapsulation technology. Here Fraunhofer IAP, Fraunhofer ICT and the research group "Particle Technology and Raw Material Innovation" of TH Nürnberg work hand in hand. Primarily, the information platform focuses and communicates the available knowledge on the subject of micro-encapsulation and opens up new ideas for using them. It also offers a network of experts.


Services for TPM participants

  • Access to Fraunhofer network (applied science) TPM
  • Information about persons in charge in industry organizations who work with or are interested in microencapsulation technology
  • Information on latest published patents and further scientific publications on the subject microencapsulation
  • New and interesting developments by publication analysis
  • Support in the identification of new developments in the field of microencapsulation and adjacent areas through analysis of current literature


Target market

  • Companies that are active in the field of microencapsulation
  • Companies that are interested in solving specific tasks by using the technology microencapsulation
  • Companies that wish to to gain a general overview of the potential of the technology of microencapsulation