Polymers and Electronics

Construction of organic components such as OTFTs, OLEDs and OPV

In addition to the development of suitable materials for the field of polymeric electronics the application of these novel materials in various electronic components is an important task, as well. Therefore, newly developed materials are being examined with regard to their electrical and optical behavior in electronic devices. We have extensive experience of the most important electronic devices - such as organic field effect transistors (OFET), organic light emitting diodes (OLED) and organic solar cells (OPV). New materials developments can be implemented in the respective device technology and characterized directly on site. For the processing of organic materials, various layer-forming processes are available, such as spin coating, dip coating as well as various printing technologies under inert atmospheric conditions and in laboratory and small production scale. Depending on the different application fields of organic electronics, the preparation on flexible film substrates and on glass and silicon is possible. Both the manufacturing and the component characterization for organic field effect transistors take place and under inert atmospheric conditions. For this purpose multiple test stations are available both within and outside the glove box. For the characterization of organic semiconductors for photovoltaics we are able to prepare organic solar cells and to determine the relevant characteristic data by means of a calibrated solar simulator. To investigate novel OLED materials a luminance measurement system with integrated integrating sphere under inert conditions is available.