Analytics for polymers and biopolymers

Our analytical services at a glance

The Fraunhofer IAP researches and develops novel polymer materials and process technologies for companies from different branches of industry.

A broad spectrum of analytical methods guarantees process control, material testing and routine analytics. But it also allows the investigation of chemical and physical structures and the examination of polymer properties, respectively. Therefore we possess extensive modern equipment. Methods can be newly developed and adapted on this basis. The excellent know-how of our specialists from synthesis and processing technology contributes considerably to the solution of analytical problems.

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Gas chromatography | High performance
liquid chromatography | Ion-chromatography | Gel permeation chromatography


Elementary analysis and functional groups

CHNS-O-Analysis | ICP OES | Titrimetric Analysis


Molecular and colloid chemical characterization

Gel permeation chromatography | Membrane osmometry | Static light scattering | Particle size analysis  


Mechanical test

Testing laboratory for mechanical tests




Transmission electron microscopy | Scanning electron microscopy | Optical microscopy


Surface analysis


FL | XPS | CAG | DVS | Mercury porosimetry | Volumetric gas adsorption | Ellipsometry | SPR


Scattering and
diffraction methods

Wide angle x-ray scattering | Small angle x-ray scattering


Thermal analysis


Differential Scanning Calorimetry DSC | Dynamic Mechanical Analysis DMA




NMR | ICP OES | Mass spectrometry LC/MS/MS | Raman spectroscopy | UV-VIS-NIR spectrometry | Fluorescence spectrometry | Infrared spectrometry


Membrane analysis

Porosimetry | Gas Filtration | Liquid Filtration | Pervaporation | Structural Elucidation