Mechanical test laboratory

Standard tests according to the corresponding DIN and ISO norms, respectively, as well as nonconformal mechanical and mechanical-thermal tests are executed. These are structured in accordance with the client. We assess the concrete problems of our client and as a result run an experiment optimally adapted to his problem. The test laboratory is equipped with a computer-controlled air condition (class 0.5) which is run on a standard 23 °C / 50 % relative air humidity (with other climates adjustable). With the two universal text apparatuses for different tension, pressure and flexural tests a charge range from 10 mg to 2 t and a temperature range from -80 to 600 °C is covered.



  • Solids, films, powders, granules, fibers, test bars, components, and component segments



  • Universal tensile testing machine Zwick Z 020/SND type 1456 70 to 20 kN with temperature cabinet (-80 °C to 600 °C) of the company Zwick GmbH & Co. Ulm
  • Universal tensile testing machine Zwick 1445 type 144571/00 to 10kN of the company Zwick GmbH & Co. Ulm
  • Pendulum impact tester PSW 4 Joule fabrication no. 249 of the company Wolfgang Ohst Rathenow
  • Notched bar impact apparatus 3/75-4 with 4 Joule Hammer of the company Ralf Kögel Leipzig
  • Continuous bend test DP 5/3 type 672/60/11
  • Wet fiber abrasion machine FNP type FNP 02 of the company SMK Praezisionsmechanik Gera GmbH
  • Abrasion machine Frank-Hauser type 666 of the company Karl Frank GmbH Weinheim
  • Hardness gauge 3114 after Shore A and 3116 after Shore D of the company Zwick GmbH & Co. Ulm
  • Thickness gauge AE 2 DS and AE 2 DHof the company Feinmesszeugfabrik Suhl
  • Erichsen cupping apparatus model 225 of the company Erichsen GmbH & Co. Hemer-Sundwig
  • Helium pycnometer Thermo Scientific for density measurement of solid materials on gas compression basis
  • Deduction for fire tests
  • Deduction for testing the chemical resistance
  • Vibroskop 400 from Lenzing Instruments for the automatic determination of the fineness of fibers, measuring range 0.5 - 200 dtex
  • Climatic test cabinet KPK 400.V - type 3523/15, registration no. 008/93 of the company Feutron GmbH Greiz