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© Fraunhofer IAP

Mechanical test laboratory

The testing laboratory for mechanical tests is integrated into present research projects of the Fraunhofer IAP but also accepts analytical jobs from external clients.

Mechanical test laboratory

Standard tests according to the corresponding DIN and ISO norms, respectively, as well as nonconformal mechanical and mechanical-thermal tests are executed. These are structured in accordance with the client. We assess the concrete problems of our client and as a result run an experiment optimally adapted to his problem. The test laboratory is equipped with a computer-controlled air condition (class 0.5) which is run on a standard 23 °C / 50 % relative air humidity (with other climates adjustable). With the two universal text apparatuses for different tension, pressure and flexural tests a charge range from 10 mg to 2 t and a temperature range from -80 to 600 °C is covered.



  • Solids, films, powders, granules, fibers, test bars, components, and component segments



  • Universal tensile testing machine Zwick Z 020/SND type 1456 70 to 20 kN with temperature cabinet (-80 °C to 600 °C) of the company Zwick GmbH & Co. Ulm
  • Universal tensile testing machine Zwick 1445 type 144571/00 to 10kN of the company Zwick GmbH & Co. Ulm
  • Pendulum impact tester PSW 4 Joule fabrication no. 249 of the company Wolfgang Ohst Rathenow
  • Notched bar impact apparatus 3/75-4 with 4 Joule Hammer of the company Ralf Kögel Leipzig
  • Continuous bend test DP 5/3 type 672/60/11
  • Wet fiber abrasion machine FNP type FNP 02 of the company SMK Praezisionsmechanik Gera GmbH
  • Abrasion machine Frank-Hauser type 666 of the company Karl Frank GmbH Weinheim
  • Hardness gauge 3114 after Shore A and 3116 after Shore D of the company Zwick GmbH & Co. Ulm
  • Thickness gauge AE 2 DS and AE 2 DHof the company Feinmesszeugfabrik Suhl
  • Erichsen cupping apparatus model 225 of the company Erichsen GmbH & Co. Hemer-Sundwig
  • Helium pycnometer Thermo Scientific for density measurement of solid materials on gas compression basis
  • Deduction for fire tests
  • Deduction for testing the chemical resistance
  • Vibroskop 400 from Lenzing Instruments for the automatic determination of the fineness of fibers, measuring range 0.5 - 200 dtex
  • Climatic test cabinet KPK 400.V - type 3523/15, registration no. 008/93 of the company Feutron GmbH Greiz