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© Fraunhofer IAP

Pilot Plant Center PAZ


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© Fraunhofer IAP

Processing Pilot Plant for Biopolymers


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Spinning lines


Carbon fiber equipment


Pilot impregnation plants


Pilot plant for printed organic electronics


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Biotechnology pilot plant


Synthesis and modi-
fication of (Bio)polymers

  • polymerization techniques
  • biopolymers and synthetic polymers
  • novel and optimized polymer structures
  • optically and electrically active polymers
  • chromogenic polymers
  • microencapsulation
  • polymers from renewable raw materials  (cellulose, starch, lignin, PLA)
  • dispersion and particles


Printing and thin film technologies

  • organic electronics (OLED, OPV, OTFT)
  • sensors, actuators
  • characterization
  • processes and printing technologies
  • clean room with special process
  • printed electronics

Functionalization of

  • chemical, physical and biological
    surface functionalization 
  • materials for surface functionalization

Characterization of
materials and analysis of polymers and particulate systems

  • identification and characterization of polymers in solution
  • determination of chemical composition
  • investigations of solids and melts
  • surface analysis
  • targeted change of material properties
  • hair analysis

Microbiology and biotechnology

  • biobased monomers, polymers, catalysts
  • biomedical materials
  • cell culture of human pathogens
  • new therapies
  • biocompatibility
  • cytotoxicity test
  • drug delivery
  • fermentation and processing
  • biofunctional polymers
  • integration of biomolecules in polymers
  • implants

Nanotechnology and self-assembly

  • design and manufacture of supra-
    molecular systems
  • biofunctional polymers
  • nanosensorics layer-by-layer
  • self-assembly at interfaces and
    in particulate systems
  • protein-polymer conjugates

Processing from solution and melt

  • fibers and films, membranes and particles
  • Solution spinning
  • processing properties
  • extrusion and injection molding
  • modification and analysis of the property spectrum of polymer materials
  • additivation
  • reactive extrusion
  • viscose process
  • carbon fibers

Process development and scale-up

  • process development
  • identification of process engineering data
  • safe processes
  • operation of plants
  • scale transmission
  • process analysis and optimization
  • development and modification of machines