The Institute in figures

The Institute’s budget

The total budget in 2022 amounted to 28.2 million euros and decreased slightly compared to the previous year. The institute generated a surplus of around 150 thousand euros.

Total revenue consisted of base funding (9.4 million euros), revenue from publicly funded projects (state, federal, EU) of 12.1 million euros, and industrial revenue (6.8 million euros). Compared to the previous year, industrial revenue (+15.3 percent) and especially the revenue from the public sector (+27.4 percent) increased significantly.

A total of 3,5 millionen euros were invested in 2022.


Human resources

At the end of 2022 a total of 254 persons were working at Fraunhofer IAP. Of these, 114 were scientific employees, 94 were technical employees, 21 were administrative/scientific-technical services employees, and 13 were employees in strategy and marketing/High-Performance center. The junior staff consisted of 10 doctoral candidates and 2 trainees. In 2022, Fraunhofer IAP employed a total of 97 bachelor's and master's students, student and scientific assistants, interns, and visiting scholars from Germany and abroad.