The Institute in figures

The Institute’s budget

The operating budget for 2021 was approximately 25 million euros. External income amounted to 14.5 million euros, 40.7 percent of this was income from industry.


Investment budget

In 2021 investments amounted to 3.6 million euros. Two million euros of this was for replacement investments, such as a GPC plant for polycations and neutral water-soluble polymers and an inkjet printer with industrial printheads.


Human resources

At the end of 2021 around 254 persons were working at the Fraunhofer IAP. The permanent staff consisted of 228 persons, including 124 scientific staff, 81 technical staff, 22 administrative employees and 10 employees in Strategy and Marketing. The junior staff was composed of 15 doctoral candidates and 2 apprentices. About 78 bachelor and master students, student and scientific assistants, trainees and guest scientists from Germany and abroad were employed in 2021.