The Institute in figures


The total budget in 2023 amounted to 28.3 million euros, having increased slightly over the previous year. Overall, the institute generated a deficit of 152,000 euros, which was offset by its reserves.

Total income comprised internal Fraunhofer funding (11.0 million euros, of which 6.3 million euros came from internal funding programs), external income consisting of public project funding (state, federal, EU, other) amounting to 9.9 million euros, and income from industry of 7.3 million euros.

Compared to the previous year, internal Fraunhofer funding increased (+17.0 percent), in particular due to a growing percentage of internal funding programs and income from industry (+7.4 percent). In contrast, income from public funding decreased significantly (-18.2 percent).

Investments totaling 1.5 million euros were made.



At the end of 2023, Fraunhofer IAP employed a total of 279 people. These included 104 scientific employees, 87 technical employees, 21 employees in administration/scientific technical services, and 13 employees in the strategy and communication departments/high-performance center. The junior staff consisted of 10 doctoral students and 2 trainees.

In 2023, Fraunhofer IAP employed a total of 91 Bachelor’s and Master’s students, student and research assistants, interns and visiting scientists from Germany and abroad.