Research Divisions



Lignocellulose | Starch Modification / Molecular Properties | Fiber Technology | Material Development and Structure Characterization | Processing Pilot Plant for Biopolymers Schwarzheide



Functional Polymer Systems

Functional Materials and Devices |
Polymers and Electronics | Chromogenic Polymers | Sensors and Actuators



Synthesis- and
Polymer Technology

Microcapsulation and Polysaccharide Chemistry | Polymer Synthesis |
Membranes and Functional Films |
Shape-Memory Polymers



Life Science and Bioprocesses

Functional Protein Systems | Biomaterials and Healthcare | Biological Building Blocks and Bioprocess Development


Pilot Plant Center PAZ

Synthesis and Product Development | 
Scale-up and Pilot Testing |
Polymer Processing


Polymeric Materials and
Composites PYCO

Resin Formulation and Characterization | Thermosets for Lightweight Applications | Radiation and Rapid Curing Systems | Resin Synthesis and Semi-finished Components


Center for Applied Nanotechnology CAN

Quantum Materials | Nano-medical Applications | Home and Personal Care | Nanoscale Energy and Structure Materials


High-Performance Center »Integration of Biological and Physical-Chemical Material Functions«