Our research


In the research division Biopolymers we focus on both industrially available biopolymers and biopolymers from agricultural and forestry products that are obtained with newly developed methods.

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Functional Polymer Systems

Materials and technologies for displays, for energy production and conversion, for sensors and actuators as well as for optical components are developed in our research division.

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Synthesis and Polymer Technology

The research division Synthesis and Polymer Technology is specialized in the synthesis of novel polymer structures as well as the development and optimization of polymerization processes. Priorities are microencapsulation, particle applications and shape-memory polymers.

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Life Science and Bioprocesses

In the research divison Life Science and Bioprocesses our focus is on integrating new biological functions into polymer materials.

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Pilot Plant Center PAZ

The Fraunhofer PAZ in Schkopau concentrates on technology development and scale-up of polymer synthesis and processing steps.

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Polymeric Materials and Composites PYCO

The research division is developing highly crosslinked polymers (thermosets) for all applications with particular reference to aviation, IT-technology and instrumentation.

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Center for Applied Nanotechnology CAN

At the research divsion Center for Applied Nanotechnology CAN in Hamburg, inorganic nanoparticle systems are being developed.

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Research divisions


Lignocellulose | Starch Modification / Molecular Properties | Fiber Technology | Material Development and Structure Characterization | Processing Pilot Plant for Biopolymers Schwarzheide


Functional Materials and Devices | Polymers and Electronics | Chromogenic Polymers | Sensors and Actuators


Microcapsulation and Polysaccharide Chemistry | Polymer Synthesis | Membranes and Functional Films | Shape-Memory Polymers


Functional Protein Systems | Biomaterials and Healthcare | Biological Building Blocks and Bioprocess Development


Synthesis and Product Development | Scale-up and Pilot Testing |  Polymer


Resin Formulation and Characterization | Thermosets for Lightweight Applications | Radiation and Rapid Curing Systems | Resin Synthesis and Semi-finished Components


Quantum Materials | Nano-medical Applications | Home and Personal Care | Nanoscale Energy and Structure Materials