Organization chart of the Fraunhofer IAP



Director   Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker
Head of administration Dipl.-Ing. Marina Hildenbrand
Strategy & Marketing Prof. Dr. Dieter Hofmann

Transfer Management High-Performance Center

Tahani Adnan M.Sc.



Division director Prof. Dr. Johannes Ganster


Dr. Bert Volkert

Starch Modification / Molecular Properties

Dr. Jens Buller

Fiber Technology

Dr. André Lehmann

Material Development and Structure Characterization

Dr. Johannes Ganster

Processing Pilot Plant for Biopolymers

Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Büsse


Functional Polymer Systems

Division director
Dr. Armin Wedel

Functional Materials and Devices

Dr. Armin Wedel

Polymers and Electronics

Priv.-Doz. Dr. habil. Silvia Janietz

Chromogenic Polymers

Dr. Christian Rabe

Sensors and Actuators

Dr. Michael Wegener


Synthesis and Polymer Technology

Division director
Dr. Thorsten Pretsch

Microencapsulation / Particle Applications

Dipl.-Ing. Monika Jobmann

Polymer Synthesis

Dr. Antje Lieske

Membranes and Functional Films

Dr.-Ing. Murat Tutus

Shape-Memory Polymers

Dr. Thorsten Pretsch


Life Science and Bioprocesses

Division director (acting)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker

Functional Protein Systems

Prof. Dr. Alexander Böker

Biomaterials and Healthcare

Dr. Joachim Storsberg

Biological Building Blocks and Bioprocess Development

Dr. Maren Wandrey


Pilot Plant Center PAZ

Division director
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Bartke

Synthesis and Product Development

Dr. Ulrich Wendler

Scale-up and Pilot Testing

Dipl.-Ing. Marcus Vater

Processing (Fraunhofer IMWS)

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Michel


Polymeric Materials and Composites PYCO

Division director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Seidlitz

Resin Formulation and Characterization

Dr. Christian Dreyer

Thermosets for Lightweight Applications

Dr. Christian Dreyer

Radiation and Rapid Curing Systems

Dr. Mathias Köhler

Resin Synthesis and Semi-finished Components

Dr. Sebastian Steffen


Center for Applied Nanotechnology CAN

Division director Prof. Dr. Horst Weller

Quantum Materials

Dr. Jan Niehaus

Nano-medical Applications

Dr. Theo Schotten

Home and Personal Care

Dr. Vesna Aleksandrovic-Bondzic

Nanoscale Energy and Structure Materials

Dr. Christoph Gimmler