Processing Pilot Plant for Biopolymers Schwarzheide

Bioplastics processing − R&D close to the market

With the establishment of the  Processing Pilot Plant for Biopolymers at BASF's site Schwarzheide we develop contributions for processing of marketable and new biobased plastics. We benefit from the locational advantage of the chemical park in order to transfer the results of our research and development work faster to the market. The main goal is to help small and medium-sized plastics processors extend their product range to include biobased materials.

Our services

  • processing of thermoplastic conventional and biobased polymers
  • - (bio)composites and blends
  • - additivation
  • - film extrusion (one and multi-layer films, blow films)
  • - extrusion
  • - injection molding
  • - blow molding
  • - thermoforming
  • pilot plant operation
  • laboratory examinations
  • 3D-printing
  • project management and workshops
  • consulting/training/traineeships
  • bachelor or master theses assistance

Our equipment


Twin-srew extruder Leistritz ZSE 27 MAXX; screws 28 mm,
L/D 36 or 52, dosing (50 kg/h, 5 kg/h, 1 kg/h)


Injection molding

Injection molding machine Boy 55 E, screw 28 mm,
clamping force 55 t, shot weight 50-80 g,
injection pressure: 1380 bar


Film production

3-layers flat film plant Dr. Collin CR 136/350
screws 25 mm, L/D 25, 8 kg/h

Blown film line BL 180/400 E Dr. Collin


Blow molding

Extrusion blow molding line HESTA HV 180 H



Thremoformer ILLIG SB 53c


Peripheral equipment

Dry-air dryer, mixer, drying oven, climatic chamber, granulator, mills



Printer x400 German RepRap


Test laboratory

DSC, viscometry, moisture measurement, tensile test, MFI, impact bending test, hardness test, dart-drop test

Processing Pilot Plant for Biopolymers Schwarzheide

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