Mass spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)


  • Liquid and solid samples
  • Small, polar, ionic and thermally labile molecules as well as high molecular weight Biopolymers
  • Assumption:
  • Ionizable molecules – molecules with heteroatoms
  • Soluble in suitable solvents



  • API 2000 Tripel-Quadrupol-Mass Spectrometer (AB Sciex)


Operating method

  • Stand-alone: continuous sample feed - integrated injection pump
  • Coupling with HPLC:
  • Flow-injection (without HPLC-column)
  • With former separation (HPLC, IC, GPC)
  • Mass range 5 - 1800 m/z


Characteristic features

  • Analytes are dissolved in solvents or solvent mixtures
  • Soft ionization by spray technique
  • Result: quasi-molecular ions as well as fragments
  • High selectivity and detection sensitivity
  • Quantitative analysis of the analytes possible - calibration necessary
  • MS/MS delivers structural information



  • Investigation of hydrolyzed starch- and cellulose derivates
  • Identification and quantification of extractable polymer additive