Fluorescence spectrometry


  • Compact materials, films, solutions, dispersions, polymer layers on substrates



  • EquipmentSPEX (Jobin-Yvon) Fluorolog 122fluorescence spectral photometer LS50B (Perkin-Elmer)
  • Wave length range: 200 – 800 nm (excitation), 200 – 900 nm (emission)
  • the SPEX Fluorolog is able to record spectra from fluoresceine solutions with concentrations > 50 fmol/l


Analysis methods and response values

  • Measuring of fluorescence spectra and measuring of fluorescence intensity depending on time ("time-drive")



  • Determining position and intensity of fluorescence bands and their changes due to chemical and/or physical processes
  • Investigations concerning the light-induced decomposition of substances
  • Examination concerning the fluorescence behavior of additives (dyes) depending on the polymer matrix
  • Measuring of fluorescence quenching in dependence on parameters like dye concentration, matrix material, production etc.
  • charcterization of quantum dots
  • labelling of functional groups for their determination