Surface analysis

Volumetric gasadsorption


  • Solid samples with or without pores/cavaties
  • Samples must be dry
  • 0.5 – 3 g sample material (dependent of porosity)



  • Sorptomatic 1990 (Fa. Thermo Electron Corporation, Milano, Italy)
  • Physisorption: N2, Kr, He
  • Two vacuum ovens for pre-treatment of samples with a choice of 3 temperature programming modes


Evaluation methods and targets:

  • Determination of specific surface
    (> 0.2 m²/g with N2, > 0.005 m²/g with Kr)
  • Determination of pore diameters and –distribution using different model calculations (ADP-Software)
  • Registration of pores between 0.4 nm and 100 nm diameter
  • Determination of pore volumes > 0.001 cm³/g


Application examples:

  • Determination of specific surface, pore diameters and their distribution of aero-cellulose
  • Determination of specific surface of foamed chitosans
  • Determination of specific surface and micropores of cellulosic nano-particles