Gas chromatography (GC)


  • Undecomposed vaporizable sample mixtures
  • Substances with a boiling point below 400 °C and molecular mass under 500 g/mol
  • Gaseous, liquid und solid samples



Capillary-Gas Chromatograph (Perkin Elmer)

  • GC Clarus™ 690 with Flame ionization detector FID and coupled with Mass spectrometer Clarus™ SQ 8 T with electron impact ionization

Sampling systems

  • Automatic liquid sampler
  • Headspace Sampler - Turbo Matrix™ 40
  • Thermal Desorber - Turbo Matrix™ 350



  • Separation of sample mixtures
  • Qualitative and quantitative detection of the single components
  • Calibration with reference substance as intern and extern standards
  • Identification of substances by comparing unknown spectra with spectra of a mass spectral library


Application examples

  • Determination of methyl ester end groups in polyesters after hydrazinolysis
  • Investigation of polyester composition after methanolysis
  • TVOC-determination of organic emission after VDA277 with Headspace-GC and according to VDA278 by thermodesorption
  • Test of epichlorohydrin and by-products in cationic starch