Infrared spectrometry


  • Solid and liquid polymers; composite materials, organic and anorganic low-molecular substances, thin layers
  • Sample amount: ca. 1 mg, > ca. 10 ng (FTIR microscope)



  • Equipment: Fourier Transform Spectrometer Nexus 470 (Thermo Nicolet, USA) 
  • Wave number area: 7400 cm-1 - 350 cm-1
  • Resolution: 0,5 cm-1 - 32 cm-1
  • Detectors: DTGS-KBr
  • Accessories: ATR units (among others Smart Endurance, Smart OMNI Sampler, Horizontal ATR (multiple reflection), ATR with variable incident angle, ATR elements from diamond, ZnSe, Ge, Si, KRS-5 with measuring surface of ca. 2 mm diameter
    to 1 cm x 5 cm and 3 cm x 3 cm), reflection unit with variable angle (15 °C - 85 °C), polarizer, wet chamber, cuvettes (KBr, NaCl, KRS-5, BaF2, different thicknesses), software for spectra analysis, spectra libraries


Analysis methods and response values

  • Measuring of infrared spectra with unpolarized or polarized radiation
  • Transmission spectra
  • ATR spectra (attenuated total reflection, "internal" reflection)
  • Reflection spectra ("external", "mirroring" reflection)
  • Reflection at grazing incidence (GIR, IRRAS)



  • Identification of polymers and low-molecular substances incl. impurities and additives, also on microscale
  • Determination of the chemical composition (functional groups) and the sterical chain structure
  • Characterization of surfaces
  • Examination of the orientation of macromolecules and groups at massive samples and thin layers
  • Spectroscopic examination at variable moisture content