Artificial cornea - International Award for researcher of Fraunhofer IAP

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Dr. Joachim Storsberg receives "Translational Research Award in Cornea and Ocular Surface Science"

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Dr. Joachim Storsberg of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research was awarded the "Translational Research Award in Cornea and Ocular Surface Science". At its General Assembly in Nice on September 21st the "European Association for Vision and Eye Research" (EVER) honored the scientist for the development of the artificial cornea.

The ArtCornea® implant can save the vision of people who are affected by corneal diseases or damgages. In 2010 Dr. Joachim Storsberg was awarded the Josef-von-Fraunhofer-Prize for the previous achievement for ultima ratio patients.

The ArtCornea® implant has been successfully tested in laboratory and animal studies. It coalesces well with the natural cornea transplant and is suitable as a simple replacement for patients who would tolerate a donor cornea. It is easily implantable and does not cause critical immune responses. The first clinical trials will commence soon.

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