Functional Materials and Devices

Technology development for organic electronics

The aim of the work in the technology development for the components of organic electronics is to realize intelligent systems in the application fields of life sciences, textiles and architecture consisting of a combination of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), organic photovoltaic (OPV), organic electronics, sensors and energy storage technologies. For this, prototype product ideas and technical production concepts are implemented.

In the realization of integrated systems of OPV and OLED, organic electronics, sensors and energy storage technologies the following problems exist, so far: Currently, the individual elements are produced using methods which are not yet suitable for production. These devices are usually only considered individually and are prepared separately. The focus is exclusively dedicated to increasing efficiency and increasing the life span. The basic technology for the fabrication of OLEDs are largely unknown. But the challenges are in the geometric structuring of the OLEDs, to increase efficiency, brightness and life time. The patterning is achieved by photolithographic steps in the sequence of layers or by a patterned deposition of materials in combination with structured electrodes. We managed to drive OLED elements with OFETs. An advantage of the materials is they can be processed from solution enabling the application of printing techniques.