Functional Materials and Devices

Functional materials for high-tech applications

Imagine a very lightweight, energy-saving, foldable or rollable display that offers a perfect picture from any angle − no matter how bright the room is. This is not a future vision, it is close to reality − achieved by the flexible organic light-emitting diodes, OLEDs. TVs with OLED technology represent the next generation of displays that will soon be available everywhere. The screen is only one example in which the OLED technology will be applied. OLEDs can also be used as symbol displays, segmented displays and as light sources. We develop the technology for "Large Area Organic Electronics" (OLAE).

Nanomaterials already conquered almost every area of ​​our lives. In cosmetics, paints and cleaning products, we find them today in every household. The materials we develop show completely new properties and can improve the light performance of a display, they can "collect" the light from the infrared spectral region but are also used in medical diagnostics. Quantum dots are revolutionizing the display technology and improve the efficiency of solar cells. For this we develop customized materials.

Also, sensors are indispensable in today's world. But mostly ceramic materials are used. They can be found in cars, at home and wherever you want to measure temperature, pressure or humidity. We deal with sensors that are built up from polymeric materials and can be excellently adapted to the quantities to be measured. In the opposite case, certain polymeric materials can also perform mechanical movements if voltage is applied to them. These materials are the heart of so-called actuators. We develop customer-specific sensors and actuators.

Surfaces and interfaces play an important role in many parts of the systems mentioned above but also in other areas. The activation (oxidation) of the surface makes it possible to print on polyethylene films (shopping bags), polypropylene stick (smart cards) and painted polymer surfaces. The chemical composition of a few nanometers thick surface layer is responsible for these properties. We set the properties of surfaces in accordance with the requirements of an application.


Our know-how

  • technology development for organic electronics
    • OLED displays and signage
    • OPV - organic photovoltaic
    • Prevoskite photovoltaic
  • nanomaterials and quantum dots
    • cadmium-free QD
    • QD for IR-absorption
  • surface functionalization and analysis


Our services


  • custom development of applications with OLEDs, OLED: OFIES
  • OLEDs for keypads, OLED signage, OLEDs for security applications
  • process development: ITO-free processing, transparent electrodes, flexible substrates
  • determination of barrier properties of substrates and encapsulation (calcium level test)
  • encapsulation - rigid and flexible
  • Atomic Layer Deposition ALD


Quantum Dots (QD)

  • synthesis of quantum dots
  • application in display technology, LEDs and photovoltaics
  • QD-LED
  • QD-PV
  • QD backlighting


Fluorescent collectors

  • development of fluorescent collectors for solar technology with fluorescent dyes and quantum dots
  • visible spectral range
  • NIR range


Solar cells

  • custom development of solar cells based on organic materials and perovskites - from single cell to the application module
  • for energy-autonomous systems


Electroluminescent displays

  • prototype development for electroluminescent displays in sheet to sheet and roll-to-roll process


Consulting und training

  • process development, process equipment, process trainining
  • consulting for development projects (infrastructure)
  • training and education


Protection against product piracy  

  • development of recipes for plagiarism protection of organic materials and products


Surface and thin film technologies

  • development of surface and thin film technologies for and with polymers
  • Surface treatment with low-pressure plasma, VUV radiation
  • Functionalization of surfaces with gases and liquids


Contract analytics

  • Surface analysis (XPS, Contact angle goniometry)

Armin Wedel

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Dr. Armin Wedel

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Christine Boeffel

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Dr. Christine Boeffel

OLED and OPV − Technology Development

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Andreas Holländer

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Dr. Andreas Holländer

Surface Functionalization and Analysis

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Manuel Gensler

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Dr. Manuel Gensler

Printing Technologies

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