Volume Dilatometry/Volume Shrink


Reactive resins shrink in volume during curing. This is potentially problematic for many applications of these resins, such as adhesives, laminating or casting resins.

In spite of their enormous technical importance in nearly all areas of the industry - and especially information technology, micro- and optioelectronics and microsystem technology -the connections between the chemistry, physical-technological parameters and volume shrinkage of reactive resins, as well as the consequences for reliability and life span of components, is poorly understood.

Nowadays, in principle, the problem of thermal stress can be optimized through FE-simulations. However, the accuracy of the prediction is very limited due to the lack of knowledge of the material properties. In a joint project a maschine was developed, which is suitable for measuring volume shrinkage of reactive resins across all phases of curing from the reactants to the cooling of the end product.



  • measuring of chemical volume changes of solid or liquid compounds
  • measurement of thermal expansion of solid or liquid compounds
  • automated measurement at normal pressure up to 230°C
  • measurement of specific volume (in ml/g) during curing, through this determination of volume shrinkage (in %)
  • measurement of temperature dependent volume expansion coefficient, thereby determination of glass transition temperature
  • estimation of thermally induced stress during curing
  • more accurate reliability and life span predictions for materials
  • optimization of curing processes


References and Cooperations

The project was carried out as a joint project between Fraunhofer IZM Teltow, BTU Cottbus and InnoMat GmbH, Teltow.

The project was funded by the MWFK of Brandenburg (Förderkennzeichen: 24#2598-14/322).