nano-TMA/TGA/DVS - Variable Temperature Ellipsometry (VTE)

Modus Operandi

The thermophysical analysis of transparent polymer films in nm-scale is realized by temperature and moisture related ellipsometry. A commercial ellipsometer (Sentech) is rigged with heating plate and a moisture chamber. A second ellipsometer is fitted with a vacuum chamber for measuring under oxygen exclusion and deep temperatures.

With ellipsometry one can measure the so-called ellipsometric angles ψ and δ and subsequently with the help of layer system describing model the relative layer mass and the fitted layer thickness (and dispersion) of the refraction index.


Apllication Range

The analysis of the thermal expansion of thin transparent layers in nm-scale (50 nm to 2 µm) on Si-wafers as a substrate is realized by:

  • determination of glass transition temperature (Tg)
  • determination of the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
  • kinetics of the exhaust steam of sol-components and residual sovents
  • kinetics of thermal degradation
  • kinteics of water absorption (differentiation between bulge and void filling possible)



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The start of the method development took place in the frame of the promoted BMBF-project "Grundlagen der Haftung Polymer/Metall am Beispiel Polymer/Aluminium" (support code: FKZ 03 D 0038 A 8).