EFRE (InfraFEI) | Biobased functional polymers - Equipment investment for research, development and innovation

Equipment for the shaping and characterization of shape memory polymers

Shape memory polymers can retain a shape imposed by programming until they are heated above their switching temperature. They then return to their original shape as far as possible. In the Fraunhofer IAP's »Shape Memory Polymers « working group, founded in 2015, new bio-based functional polymers are synthesized, processed and examined for their chemical, mechanical and physical properties.


The work focuses on the determination of structure-property relationships, questions of processing and investigations of shape memory properties in line with new fields of application. The initial equipment of devices for the shaping and characterization of shape memory polymers is supported by EFRE funds within the InfraFEI programme.

Project Outline

Project management: 
Dr. Thorsten Pretsch, Fraunhofer IAP
Funding/Grant recipient: Fraunhofer IAP
Funding: 412.633 Euro
Duration: 26.10.2016 - 31.07.2018
Funding agency: Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the German Federal State of Brandenburg with financial means provided by the European fund for regional development (EFRE) from the 20 March, 2015.
Funding program: EFRE (InfraFEI): The aim of the programme is to strengthen the competitiveness of the scientific institutions in the German Federal State of Brandenburg by expanding the research and development potential of the scientific institutions and creating efficient scientific infrastructures.