Shape-Memory Polymers

Spellbinding shape-memory

Shape-memory polymers are functional materials, which offer significant potential for the opening up of new applications. In our team we carry out application-oriented synthesis and process developments. Another core competence is design and development of stimuli-responsive, multifunctional polymer materials. 

Our sercvices

  • advice about polymer materials and process technology
  • material development
  • development of stimuli-responsive, multifunctional polymer materials
  • investigation of structure-property relationships
  • measurement techniques to determine shape-memory and temperature-memory properties
  • procedures to control shape-memory properties: Programming of one-way and two-way shape-memory effects and of temperature-memory effects
  • durability analyses
  • refinement of polymers
  • feasibility studies


Overview of applications


  • security labels as anti-counterfeiting technologies and temperature monitoring systems
  • self-deployable structures
  • heat-shrink tubing and foil

Our research topics

  • synthesis, processing and programming of shape-memory polymers
  • procedures to control shape-memory properties
  • stimuli-responsive, multifunctional polymer materials

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Shape-Memory Polymers