High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)


Solid und liquid sample mixtures, soluble in a solvent or solvent mixture

Preferred substances:

  • Difficult-to-volatilize
  • High polarity and ionic
  • Thermolabile and easily decomposable
  • With high molecular mass



2 analytical HPLC-plants Series 200, Perkin Elmer Co.

  • Quaternary Pump
  • Automatic sampler
  • Detector: LC/MS/MS, Diode-Array-Detector DAD, UV/VIS-Detector, Refractive Index-Detector RI
  • Column oven
  • Fraction collector for semipreparative use
  • Different HPLC columns for reversed phase and normal phase chromatography



  • Separation of sample mixtures
  • Qualitative and quantitative detection of single components
  • Calibration with reference substances as internal and external standards
  • Identification of substances by comparison, UV-Spectra (DAD) or mass spectra (LC/MS/MS)



  • Purity and product control, quality assurance
  • Process control and process development
  • By-product analysis
  • Characterization of polymers
  • Purification und separation of single components
  • Determination of carbohydrates