Functional Materials and Devices

Our know-how at a glance

Technology development for organic electronics

By developing technologies and materials for components of organic electronics we want to realize intelligent systems in the fields of life sciences, textiles and architecture consisting of a combination of OLED, OPV, organic electronics, sensors and energy storage technologies. For this, prototype product ideas and technical production concepts are implemented.


Nanomaterials and quantum dots

Quantum dots (QDs) are a new material class of nanomaterials, in which the absorption- and emission properties can be set in a unique way. We explore new methods to produce conventional cadmium-based core-shell semiconductor nanoparticles in the gram scale. In addition, cadmium-free syntheses are designed to provide environmentally friendly indium phosphide-based QD for LED, OLED and solar technology.


Surface functionalization and analysis

We develop technologies to adapt the properties of surfaces - particularly of polymer surfaces - to the requirements of an application. There are experiences in very different areas. They range from the development of environmentally friendly pretreatment processes for adherent metallization to the functionalization of surfaces for use in biological quality control in food industry and medical diagnostics. Moreover, we also have a variety of analytical tools available to characterize surfaces.