Biological Building Blocks and Bioprocess Development

Biological Building Blocks and Bioprocess Development

The group »Biological Building Blocks and Bioprocess Development« deals with the development and production of new biological building blocks for materials. These can either be processed directly into materials or used to bio-functionalize existing materials and thus create new properties.

By using biological components, the evolutionary and synthetic power of nature is used and new innovative materials can be created for a wide variety of applications. In addition, it becomes possible to replace petroleum-based materials with bio-based ones. The biological building blocks and concepts are used in bio-based plastics, coatings, adhesives, paints, textiles, medical materials and cosmetics.

The development of biotechnological production and processing techniques of the building blocks is also part of the portfolio of the working group. In the Biotechnikum, proteins and platform chemicals can be produced up to a 100 L scale, thus providing sufficient quantities for subsequent material developments.

Our topics

  • Bio-functionalization of materials
  • Development of enzymatic conversions
  • Utilization of plant biomass / renewable resources
  • Development and optimization of fermentation processes (2-100 L, in Cooperation up to 10.000 L)
  • Metabolic engineering
  • Protein engineering and site-directed mutagenesis