Microcapsules − Tiny all-rounder

The production of polymer-based microcapsules and matrix particles by reactive and nonreactive encapsulation is the research focus of the department Microencapsulation/Particle Applications. This technology can be applied in many different areas − from plastics technology to life science.

Besides microscale particles, we also offer particle systems in the submicron and nanometer range, which are prepared by emulsion or dispersion polymerization. Not only size and distribution of the particles can be customized for various applications, but also their morphology, functionality, and reactivity.

Our synthesis competencies available in the field of amino resin chemistry are used for both particles applications and in the material sector.

We have many years of experience in the characterization of polymers, microcapsules and particle systems, and modern analytical methods are available in these fields.

Our services

  • microencapsulation of active substances and additives
  • functional nanoparticle systems
  • amino resins − synthesis, modification and applications
  • particle and polymer anlaytics


Applications at a glance

  • full laminates based on carbon fibers, regenerated cellulose or wood chips
  • hydrophobic melamine resin foam, e.g. for flame retardant, construction, plastics, and wood processing
  • threads, e.g. for flame resistant treatment or fiber reinforcement

Our research topics

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