Microencapsulation/Particle Applications

Melt-processable melamine resins

We developed an etherified melamine resin, which can be processed by the reactive extrusion from the melt without fillers. During the short heat treatment, methylol and ether groups are split off.

In the molten state, such resins are characterized by very good penetration properties, and are, therefore, well suited for the production of, for example, full laminates based on carbon fibers, regenerated cellulose or splints. The good penetration properties have a very beneficial effect on the mechanical properties of the laminates.

Based on the meltable melamine resins in combination with nanoparticles, melamine resin foam with hydrophobic characteristics has been also developed. The water-repellent properties are retained even by sawing, polishing, cutting or breaking, which makes the product a very advantageous material for the applications in flame retardant, construction, plastics, wood processing, etc.

The meltable resin can also be processed by melt spinning to get fibers. After curing, these fibers can be used in the flame retardant finishing as well as the reinforcement.

Patents and literature

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