Unique and counterfeit-proof
authentification of products


Counterfeit or uncertified products circulate in large numbers in the market, among them FFP2 masks. Consumers often have no ability to verify the authenticity of products. Counterfeit medical products and medicines can also have serious consequences for health. Sectors such as the food and beverage industry, lifestyle and manufacturing industry are affected as well by counterfeiting.

Traditionally, track & trace technologies based on QR-Codes (ISO/IEC 18004) or Data Matrix codes (ISO/IEC 16022) can in principle verify the authenticity of products. However, these are easy to copy, easy to counterfeit and additionally depending on access to databases.

Our solution for verifiable and resilient supply chains!

In the SmartID project, the Fraunhofer consortium combines material science and software engineering to make global supply and value chains more secure and resilient against fraud and counterfeiting.

SmartID is based on a unique identification label system. It enables a counterfeit-proof end-to-end system along the entire value chain - from the producer to customs, wholesalers and retailers to the end customer. Everyone in this chain will be able to authenticate products with smart devices, even without access to online databases. 

Our goals


  • counterfeit-proof product/brands protection
  • secure and traceable supply chains
  • simple product authentication also by end customers


  • food
  • automotive
  • aerospace
  • pharmacy


companies and associations from printing technology, mechanical engineering, logistics, security

Our concept



  • further development of existing barcode solutions
  • unique ID based on production characteristics
  • secure ID through IT security solutions
  • multiple security levels
  • end-to-end system (producer to end customer)
  • verification by means of commercially available smart devices

Your benefit

Counterfeit-proof product authentication


Resilient product security
through offline verification


Embedding in existing
track & trace infrastructure


Low costs for hardware installation


Marking printable using commercial industrial printers


Easy integration into existing production lines


Original or fake?

Counterfeit-proof and unique identification shows authenticity of products

Protect your brand

Do you want to label your products counterfeit-proof and make them verifiable in offline mode?

We support you!