Unique and counterfeit-proof authentification of products


Barcodes and QR codes have become an integral part of today's consumer world. They transmit product information and give products a digital identity. However, this identity is not protected. It can be easily transferred and copied. Security features help to distinguish a fake from a true identity. The German ID card has 25 such security features - but there are none for barcodes so far.

With the SmartID project, we want to change that and are integrating security features that cannot be forged or imitated into barcode systems. Smart devices, such as smartphones, will be used for authentication and verification of product identities. In this way, the end consumers can check for themselves whether the product in question is genuine or a fake.

Our solution for verifiable and resilient supply chains!

In the SmartID project, we are developing a security feature for barcodes based on the surface characteristics of each product. The surface of each product or its packaging has unique properties in the submillimeter range, such as cracks, bumps or discolorations - similar to a fingerprint.An algorithm recognizes these features and stores them with the digital seal of the manufacturer in a barcode.

Only a smartphone camera system is used to verify the product. The proof of authenticity is done completely offline, without internet connection or wifi. We thus avoid a complicated IT infrastructure setup, such as database systems or blockchain, for verification. SmartID - Simple. Offline. Safe.

Our goals


  • easy product authentication by the end user
  • secure supply chains
  • reliable technology for product and brand protection

Our concept


  • Security through a physically unclonable function
  • Smartphone-based verification
  • labeling printable with commercial industrial printer
  • easy integration into existing production lines

Your benefit


  • Autonomous system without server access
  • User friendly usage
  • Elimination of the costs of installation, operation and maintenance of database and blockchain systems
  • Reduction of the complexity of the IT structure of supply chains
  • Reduction of the CO2-footprint

Original or fake?

Counterfeit-proof and unique identification shows authenticity of products



Protect your brand!


Do you want to label your products counterfeit-proof and make them verifiable in offline mode?

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