Chromogenic Polymers

Chromogenic polymers

Chromogenic materials change color and transparency reacting to temperature, voltage, pressure or light. They can also be specifically controlled by external stimuli.

Our focus is on thermochromic polymers. We develop hydrogels, thermoplastics (foils), thermosets and additives which change their color and/or transparency at a change of temperature. The application potential of these materials lies among others in solar technique, engineering, automotives and information technique.

Our Services

We offer

  • novel chromogenic materials: priorities are reversible and irreversible thermochromism and photochromism, in combination with each other or with piezochromism, electrochromism and ionochromism
  • thermochromic polymers: thermoplastics, films, thermosets, elastomers, coatings and hydrogels
  • thermotropic polymers: casting resins, films, coatings and hydrogels
  • photochromic polymers: thermoplastics, films, thermosets and paints
  • sun protection glass, light regulation
  • self-regulating sun protection glazing SOLARDIM® ECO

The following areas are currently being prototyped

  • sun visor to reduce air-conditioning systems in buildings with large glazed areas
  • temperature indicators / color filter
  • optical sensors
  • thermochromic polymers