Research and Development


  • synthetic polymers (polysulfone,
    polyimide, PDMS, PVDF, PAN, Torlon (PAI))
  • biopolymers (chitosan, PVA, CA, cellulose, polylactide)
  • proteinogenic materials
  • specialty polymers (sPEEK, PBI, fluorinated polymers)
  • additives
  • production in laboratory scale and pilot plant scale

Flat Membranes |
Spiral-wound Modules

Hollow Fibers |
Capillary Membranes | Tubular Membranes

Membranes | Films

  • multilayer systems, surface modification
    (wet chemistry, plasma)
  • porous and dense structures
  • adjustable morphology (e.g. sponge and finger structures), layer thickness
    (ultrathin layers),
    pore size and distribution
  • annealing and sintering
  • laboratory scale of up to 100 m rolled goods


  • production of pure polymer membranes, blends, composite membranes, mixed-matrix membranes
  • phase separation procedures: temperature-induced (TIPS), non-solvent induced (NIPS), evaporation-induced (EIPS)
  • laboratory scale to pilot plant scale

Functional Films

  • surface finishing
  • functional coatings
  • development of proteinogenic materials
  • development of packaging materials
  • development of materials for improved residual emptying

Additives |
Ionic Liquids

  • metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)
  • zeolites
  • mesoporous materials
  • sustainable ionic liquids
  • efficient synthesis to minimize costs

Membrane Processes

  • vapor and gas permeation
  • micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration
  • pervaporation
  • dialysis
  • reverse osmosis and forward osmosis
  • separation of azeotropes