• synthetic and biopolymers
  • design and synthesis of and with additives (MOFs, zeolites, mesoporous materials, ionic liquids)
  • use of sustainable resources
  • modification and optimization
    of structures and functionalities
  • functional coatings
  • production conform to REACH regulations
  • proteinogenic films
  • production in laboratory scale and pilot plant scale

Production and Processing

  • flat membranes, hollow fiber membranes
  • phase separation procedures (TIPS, NIPS, EIPS)
  • material synthesis, membrane and film production in laboratory and pilot plant scale
  • membranes for batteries, fuel cells, filtration, gas and liquid separation
  • synthesis and adjustment of linkers
  • binding of enzymes onto film surfaces


  • chemical analysis
    (qualitative and quantitative)
  • spectroscopic methods (solid-state NMR incl. magic-angle spinning)
  • thermal analysis, morphological analysis
  • permeation measurement, porometry, pervaporation
  • filter and separation analysis
  • pressure resistance, damage analysis, long-term stability
  • gas separation

Porous Polyacrylonitrile Membranes

  • patented procedure
  • narrow pore size distribution
    (20 nm ± 1 nm)
  • high chemical, thermal and mechanical stability
  • possibility of high-flux membranes

Process Engineering

  • swelling, fouling, wetting
  • processing properties, mechanical properties, rheology
  • micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration of protein and fermentation solutions
  • desalination and dewatering or drying of solutions and gases


  • scientific consulting and training,
  • technical consulting
    (scaling, plant engineering, analytics)
  • business development
  • process development
  • feasibility studies

Construction | Scaling

  • production in laboratory scale and pilot plant scale
  • flat membranes, hollow fiber membranes, spiral‑wound modules
  • plant engineering and modification
  • development and implementation of
    analysis concepts and processes