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Pilot plants and Technical Centers


Fraunhofer Pilot Plant Center PAZ

polymer synthesis up to ton scale, variety of polymerization processes, development and optimization of processes, BISYKA rubber with reduced abrasion


PLA Mini Plant

Synthesis up to 4 kg/batch, synthesis of aliphatic polyesters from lactic acid, expansion of the property profile of polylactide (PLA), evaluation of lactic acid quality


Synthesis Pilot Plant

various polymer synthesis technologies up to the kilogram scale, process optimization and property evaluation




Biotechnology Facility

engineering of production strains (bacteria, yeast, fungi), protein engineering, fermentation scale-up to 100 L (in cooperation up to 10.000 L), utilization of organic waste materials


Processing Pilot Plant for

extrusion, compounding, recycling, injection molding, film production, blown molding, thermoforming, 3D printing, testing laboratory


Polymer Processing Pilot Plant 

extrusion, compounding, recycling, injection molding, film production, thermoforming, testing laboratory


Fiber Processing Pilot Plant

pilot scale wet and melt spinning, viscose fibers according to Blaschke, Lyocell lab scale spinning plant, lab scale stabilization, carbonization and graphitization furnaces for carbon fiber development


Lightweight Design Center

processing of fiber-reinforced composites, automated fiber placement, modular impregnation plant, curing: UV, microwave (8 m3), fire test laboratory


Pilot Plant for Printed Electronics

printed OLED, OPV and OTFT devices, solution processing, automated deposition, encapsulation


Pilot Plant for
Surface Treatment

surface treatment in vacuum and at normal pressure, R2R processing


Nanoparticle flow reactor

production of nanoparticles, continuous synthesis flow, automated processes, in-line quality control, scale up



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  • engineering of production strains (bacteria, yeast, fungi)
  • protein engineering
  • fermentation scale-up to 100 L
  • utilization of organic waste materials

Fiber technology

  • hollow, bicofibers, films, nonwovens
  • wet spinning lines (up to 3 k)
  • melt spinning line (120 f)
  • NMMO spinning solution (50 kg/h)
  • viscose Blaschke plant (50 kg)


  • polymers for core and shell
  • numerous encapsulation techniques


Surface technology

  • activation, flame treatment, functionalization, metallization, plasma treatment
  • bioactive polymer surfaces
  • roll to roll

Hydrogen technology

... and much more!


This is just a selection of technologies we are proficient in.

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